stuff I use (links)

The following are pages and programs that I have used or currently use and that I recommend. Some of these are affiliate links where I will be compensated for your click and purchase/subscription – thank you in advance for supporting me to fulfill my dreams!

VPN – Winscribe

I am using this Winscribe VPN on my devices not only as a VPN but also my favourite feature of this service is the accompanying “R.O.B.E.R.T.” DNS and IP blocker. You can block broad categories of the internet on your personal network such as Malware, Ads + Trackers, Porn, and others. Most notably for me personally, all “U Tube” ads are blocked and do not appear while watching videos – I would not be watching so much of the Tube if it wasn’t for this fantastic service. You can also White/Black list any specific domains as you wish.

Blog host – WordPress

WordPress supports free speech with reasonable terms and grounds for penalty such as blatant aggression. It is a breath of fresh air while watching the chaos unfold on social media platforms (ruining livelihoods!).