Do minimalists raise children?

Name any minimalist.

Give up?

Jesus Christ. Gandhi. And more recently, PewDiePie? (I have recently come across PewDiePie again – devoured some of his videos will share my thoughts in a future post!)

In the last couple of years, at least, we have seen a surge in self-proclaimed minimalists. From unknown person X to unknown person Z (including me). I think that it peaked for me when I saw a short video of a Japanese minimalist with less than 120 possessions or so. Over the course of the video I went from feeling like I could do better as a minimalist to feeling sorry for this lonely looking minimalist.

This puts anyone with 120 possessions to shame. But why have 2 bowls and 2 pairs of sandals?

Well, I found that Gandhi had his first child at age 16 – technically illegal is some places these days. Minimalism must have come long after this.

Minimalism must be born after children or before children but these two cannot coexist.

I forgot about the whole thing for a year or so while continuing to exchange or reduce my personal items. In Japan, my apartment is so small that it has hit a wall… a breaking point. So I made a rule: if we buy anything, we have to throw out something of a similar size. It is forced minimalism here in Japan, except of course, if you pay for a trunk room!

So-called trunk rooms are small units of storage that you can rent for a monthly fee. I have heard that Japanese people will actually rent these to store their seasonal clothes – Marie Kondo would have a field day!

In what circumstance is anyone so happy to use a trunk room?

Why is the couple so happy? It could only be for sinister reasons, no? Unless it is simply getting paid for modeling!

We are having a child. My rule is being broken. If we followed my rule, this keyboard and computer on which I type would not exist.

The child does not yet know that he has for himself more seats than the dinner table.

There is a a table-feeding seat, a baby harness, a sling, child bed, a child car seat, a stroller, and likely countless more seats and beds that I have not heard of for other situations and postures.

Clothes, you ask?

Friends and family have openly offered and sent clothes. We have accumulated around 3 boxes of free clothes so far and my spouse has sewn some from scratch. Greatly appreciated, of course. At this rate, he will have more clothes than me by the time he is born. We are quite literally going to need to buy a house to put the baby and all of his belongings (no, nobody is allowed to live in trunk rooms) [with consumption tax in full force].

Pondering all of this, I happened to speak with my cousin-in-law over the weekend and she mentioned that she was moving. She is fairly young and living with her boyfriend but was moving into a 3-bedroom apartment. Sounding larger than my place I asked, “What are you going to do with the extra room(s)?”

“Fashion room.”

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