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J-Pop member (Arashi) and actor Kazunari Ninomiya’s marriage announcement has been posted on NHK World’s Top Stories. Don’t worry, I had never heard of him either.

The first hit on a quick search is a compilation of his kiss scenes.

I have only heard of this person from this announcement today. Also, I was made aware that some women were likely to be so upset about the announcement that they were expected to take a day off of work to grieve.

The most interesting aspect of the report is the following:

He announced his marriage on Tuesday in a fax through his agency, Johnny & Associates. – NHK World

In 2019, his life moment was announced via fax machine.

For a ‘major’ life announcement of an apparent icon or dare I say, heartthrob, how many faxes are sent out to whom, or is just one fax to NHK? How many sheets of paper fuel the announcement? Is this process contractual?

Not Facebook (in its heyday), Instagram, Twitter, TV, etc.

A fax machine.

I wonder if I could get more readers in Japan if I delivered posts via fax

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