Top 1,000,033 things to block, delete, skip and ignore

It is tough not to vent and complain here about the world, the internet, politics, etc. Thus, a constant reminder is needed: focus on what you can control, or you’ll go crazy.

That includes the information that you consume everyday. Are you drinking from a single, polluted tap? In this moment I liken it to separate hot and cold faucets that I have experienced in Montreal, and possibly Paris: they have one for hot water, and a separate tap for cold water. It’s a matter of getting that happy medium of both (one could be off!), and then quickly splashing the opposite hands with the opposite temperature water (a stretch of the metaphor). The taps could be love and fear, or useful and non-useful, for example. Yes, the dichotomy has to be that simple or we couldn’t follow it easily, and we don’t have the time to mess around.

Another reminder that is constantly needed: we all have 24 hours in a day. That is where we are equal. What will you do with your time? Devour useless information, or only actionable information?

In looking for beneficial, actionable information online, I find that it is a minefield out there: of marketing. You are offered something for free and then assaulted with daily emails, messages and phone calls until you bend or break. I came across a seemingly useful podcast/page that had a few free eBooks. This is my story.

I thought at first, with no site login, I’ll have to submit my email for each eBook… that doesn’t seem right. Oh well, it must all go under the same newsletter list.

I was wrong.

Unknown to me each eBook, all on the same page, contained an automated stream of marketing materials for the real products: paid online courses. In other words, each eBook was targeted towards a single paid course. In checking my email, fortunately or unfortunately, I received each of the free eBooks, along with each accompanied by daily emails of more than 500 words of supposed results and referrals from the courses. Each of these had a link to a video that could not be skipped or fast-forwarded (a telling sign), and below the video was a 38-minute timer for new information that was going to appear.

Tell me more!

There was zero value in each of the emails, and the first 5 seconds of one of the videos. I have seen these frameworks before. Each video is a 40+ minute shaggy dog story of success that dodges around the topic in a test of your will. The formatting goes along these lines:

  1. Introduction with general resume, accomplishments or otherwise to establish credibility
  2. Dangle a massive carrot of instant success inspiring our greed: 1375% return!
  3. Follow greed with fear of going down the other paths that they or others went down to lose everything
  4. Back-up their advice over others with testimonials including quotes from Bob in Mississippi, and even very poor acting in video testimonials saying “I would have to recommend this course”
  5. Give their greed a whiff of success again from some likely fictitious results, reinforcing another 300% rate of return
  6. Prompt with a usually flashy but simple sale page to get that credit card info

Now that I’ve written these steps out, I’m fairly certain that I read all of them in Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek about starting your own side hustle and automating it in order to travel the world. We are bombarded by these incessant side hustles everyday! Thanks Tim!!! Even his conclusion in the book for the best possible product was an online eBook or course, not physical products. This site took that to heart.

Fortunately, in hitting the unsubscribe button, the newsletters were consolidated on a single page to unsubscribe from all ~8 at the same time. I was a subscriber to all of their newsletters for 1 day and I have yet to open any of their free eBooks. Zero value on their site, zero in the emails, and zero value in the videos and eBooks, I assume. It’s Trend unFollowing!

This goes for most news. A hodgepodge of topics covered with bias and fluff, offering no value, and no entertainment. We have no time for this! I entertain myself more by rereading these words than reading any newspaper.

The same goes for the USA political elections. Candidates are announcing, debating and campaigning right now for the election on… November 3, 2020!!! It’s more than a year away! Do you need to keep tabs on this at all before next Summer, or the Fall after next? The only caveat is if you happen to be working in that industry, or find it humorously entertaining enough to garner laughs at a rate of once per week, minimum.

I subscribe to a handful of financial media publishers; videos online. There are now dozens of videos of various lengths and with various commentators on what Central Bankers will do with interest rates. Yes, interest rates rule the world controlling lending, borrowing, saving, investing. But we don’t know what they are going to do!

But how much are they going to decrease, 0.00%, 0.25%, or 0.50%!?

I started skipping all videos with interest rates or central banks in the title because I know that there is no new information. This conjecture should not impact your decisions. You should already know what you are going to do, and won’t need to listen to any more until they actually decide and announce at the next Central Bank global money manipulation shindig by a handful of lawless leaders.

What about the China trade war?! Is it going well, or not? Who is winning? Are you winning or losing? Have you ever been to China? Let’s go get some ice cream!

Will it be a hard, soft, scrambled or poached Brexit with Hollandaise sauce?

Well, I guess this pretty much turned into a rant after all. I was going to write about the three times that I have been pooped on by birds but it doesn’t seem appropriate now.

Annotation 2019-08-19 192145
In chronological order, these are the places that I have been pooped on by birds.

You have to sift through it all, skip, block and delete your way to the little gold nuggets in the unknown depths. You may even experience daylight with nothing in your hands.

What you can do is live, love, laugh, and make more money without hassling others for it more than once per week.

You read this first and hopefully last on this page only.

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