Packed like Sushi

I relaxed at home in the morning with a slight change in routine with my favorite coffee and some maple bread from a local wedding.

I relaxed right into rush hour.

We are packed on the train like sushi. There is condensation on the windows. Everyone is wearing winter clothing on a room temperature train. Many are wearing face masks. You don’t know whether they are a part of the influenza pandemic, are protecting themselves from the influenza pandemic, or are protecting themselves from hay fever particulates.

You couldn’t fit another person onto the train unless they were laying down on the shelf above the seats. The Bluetooth connection between my phone in my pocket and my headphones is fading, struggling to get through tangled flesh.

There is an announcement in English:

Please refrain from stretching or crossing your legs.

No problem. I can only move my eyes.

I arrive at my building at 8:50, just in time for work like the rest of Tokyo. The elevator is full.

Oh well, it’s a beautiful day.

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