A fork in the road

I see people making major life choices that impacts the course of their lives, but also their spouses and children. Choices are made, and the options generally forgotten (that’s my feeling at least, or you further rationalize away the other options). Weigh the pros and cons, make a move. Take action.

It’s that if that there wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be here. – Alan Watts

Some choose to follow the company wherever it wants them to go, glued to their company phones for every update from every timezone ultimately to preserve a specific company benefit or lifestyle. They are ready to move to a new country, new place, anytime, take their wife, kids, everything, from one place to another. Imagine, moving to Atlanta. For 2 years. Seoul. Shanghai. London.

Then you have those who opt never to leave their home country, state, or even town! Everything outside is unknown, unsafe to them. Or they are happy where they are. Ottawa. Tokyo.

Some want to climb the corporate ladder at any personal cost, and others want to listen to The Doors and drink a case of beer every night. Or, one could simply change nothing and follow their personal programs or daily routines, everyday. Endure it. Retire in 30 45 years.

Life is short. The good old days in my life have each lasted between 3 and 24 months. Each was great at that time. And then the time passed. Things changed, people changed, I changed. Things don’t last. The opportunity is gone. You draw lines in the sand along the way. Build bridges here, burn bridges there. Some doors open, some doors close. The memories might survive.

I guess that’s why people say to live in the moment; accentuate the glee. So we have to propel positive quantum energy.

Enjoy your current benefit or advantage. Focus on what you are interested in or enjoy.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Or you could wait. Who knows for how long but you could wait for the decision to come to you. That might be smoother to process, I guess as long as it is a reasonable amount of expected time, like a year or less.

One day it becomes crystal clear in one’s being, an opportunity arises or a resolve crystallizes. ‘This is what I will do.’

But how will your social circle handle it? Will you care? Will they? Each day is a new day. Compare yourself to yourself.

I’ve moved around a lot and I don’t want to move anymore. I used to ‘eat change for breakfast.’ Recently, I’ve finally decided to start settling down but at the same time I want to be financially free. That is my clear dream. It hadn’t been so clear until recently, but I wish that I had worked on it decades ago!

I vaguely revealed this dream of financial freedom to a corporate friend and he responded:

What about when you have kids? Of course you want to support them to go to university, and International school before that!

That feedback propels the daily grind in a suit. And it had been my vague dream in the past but now it doesn’t make sense today with the apparent opportunity landscape, and my dream. It would be depressing to follow suit; in a suit.

I like Jim Carrey’s advice that he had learned from his father’s choice.

You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. – Jim Carrey

I have to try.

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