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My partner wants to travel the world to Europe. Namely, the idealized and romanticized France and Italy. Paris was alright, I have been there.

Similar to Paris, here in Tokyo, you can get a bottle of Bordeaux for about $10. And the Tokyo Tower was modeled on the Eiffel Tower and frankly it is newer and it looks nicer. Well, you decide.


Forget the fact that we’ve already gone to Vancouver, Sydney, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Bali, and traveled around Japan a bit together. I, on the other hand, want to travel within Japan. More specifically, to the Indian restaurant about 150 meters from my house. Or get some Chilean Merlot from the local convenience store. French Gouda. American popcorn. Brazilian coffee.

You can tour the world in tastes, as above, for less than $100.

Seeing the world can also be done for less than $100. You can take an eVacation. You can get a quick feel of the debauchery in Miami by viewing the location-based posts on Instagram. Or tour anywhere in the world with Google Maps for a bird’s-eye of view, or even at street level. As if you were there in person!

Let’s go to the Egyptian pyramids together.


There’s one!

You might be disappointed. I was too. I am glad that we didn’t actually go!

What do you really want?

From what I can tell, you might just want to take dozens of selfies, select the best one, and use it to brag to your hundreds of faux friends on the internet. Again, I have the perfect solution and it’s not Photoshop nor green screen.

It’s Tobu World Square; near Nikko or about 3 hours from Tokyo. It hosts 1/25 scale replicas of 102 famous places around the world.

Surprise! You have just traveled the world on a meta-eVacation in a few minutes for free.

I have saved you thousands of dollars and countless hours of research and travel. 

You’re welcome!

Or did you just want to stay in some nice accommodation?

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  1. Haha! My father makes the same arguments about travel since he hates riding in planes. Just watch a Youtube documentary and no need to get off the couch!

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