Wandering tastes

My taste tends to wander. Not so much in terms of food but in terms of alcoholic beverages and music. I think that both of these will receive their very own dedicated blog post by yours truly. How about I do at least part 1 of the latter right now? Get your stereo sound system (on YouTube limitation) and alcoholic beverages ready.

It seems that there are so many genres and sub-genres in music that I don’t know what anything is called anymore, and I don’t care. If record stores were very popular and modern, I imagine that today they would have to have a genre card for each individual CD available for sale. In general, if I had to pick a genre for a desert island disc, it would be progressive metal for the bulk, but throw in some classical, pop, electronic, and I’ll be fine.

After a quick search, the first desert island disc radio broadcast was on BBC in 1942. Desert island disc is basically referring to choosing a small set of discs or perhaps a single disc that you could listen to forever on an island by yourself. Like a Robinson Crusoe situation, or Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan theorized on Gardner Island. In that light, it might be the last music that you ever listen to before you die. I had heard of the desert island disc reference in my own island upbringing perhaps as far back as 1998 or so on the radio. Just think, these discs would be incredibly different between 1942, 1998, or 2018! In 1998, my disc may have consisted of Alice In Chains, Extreme, Nirvana, Silverchair, The Doors, The Cranberries, Frank Sinatra, The Smashing Pumpkins, etc, etc. How many of those would be in your disc 20 years later, today? Well, I still have most of those going through my song rotation but perhaps 1 or 2 would be in my current top 10 songs.

With exactly that timely point in mind, what music will survive through the ages? I can assure you that it won’t be 95% of pop music. Come to think of it, it probably won’t be 95% of all music. Maybe 5% of everything lasts for more than a lifetime. Where can I find these statistics?

I guess I had always had some random interest in electronic music, or whatever they call it these days. Lately, I happened across the Tomorrowland concert in Belgium. I will post my 4 favourite sessions if you have 4 hours to spare (though I didn’t watch all DJs and I have never attended!):

This looks awesome. As an introvert, I probably wouldn’t want to spend $200+, be in that hot sweaty crowd looking for a bathroom, and washing cake off of my face.

A pleasant surprise was that a total of zero of these professional DJs used the air horn sound effect that I have frequently heard locally and back home:

But on the other hand, people look like they are having an incredible amount of fun, and the music tends to be great, at least at that time!

You will hear that Belgium is a good place for beer. Even I like beer, but each of the beers available there are like meals in and of themselves. This doesn’t seem appealing unless you want to be very efficient with lunch. Shall I have Indian mutton curry with naan, or a Chimay? Provided that this Tomorrowland concert is available, this is the probable activity. You could go to the Delirium Cafe and have hundreds of beer choices to drink and pass out, or you could go insane and dance your ass off at this concert, and pass out. The former sounds depressing while the latter appears enviable.

On Japan, and pivoting slightly from music to dancing, a cousin friend of a friend of mine is part of a Japanese dance group called Kikirara. Here is a dance video of them promoting the clothing brand called SPINNS:

And here is more of a solo act by one of the members and her sister dancing for a Japanese video version of a Clean Bandit’s song filmed at a famous temple in Kyoto:

I don’t know what the connection is between Clean Bandit, a group from the U.K., and Japan is, but they have shot videos in Japan before such as Rather Be, in the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market:

I’ll ask the dancer what the connection is the next time I see her! Until then, enjoy life and enjoy the music and / or beer!

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